Sunday, 20 March 2011

ROUND UP! (Wait a minute!) Part 1

The Kermit vs. Leopard carnage is upping the ante into all kindsa crazy over here.

*Note: Comments are now influencing fight tactics!
Voting is still open, so get in there and contribute to the mayhem.

All right folks. We are half way through the alphabet. 'L' for Leopard, see?
To celebrate this and to mark 100+ followers (thank you all, you guys rock and without you this would be me sitting alone trying to decide whether aardvarks are cooler than ALF all by myself) let's have a 'round-up'.

Round 1:
Aardvark whooped Abba-butt. Check the full post & comments here.

Round 2:
Aardvark melted Da Beetolz . Shocked me too. Check the full post & comments here.

Round 3:
Having succeeded once again, Aardvark even ate poor CM's cookies. Check the full post & comments here.

Round 4:
I decided Aardvark was getting too smug and needed some serious competition. Dalai Lama pulls no punches, right? Oh, wait that's right, he's a pacifist. Check the full post & comments heeere.

Then what?
At this point I took a break to scratch my noggin as to how Aardvark was favourite up against Dalai Lama, the Beatles and Cookie Monster.

...and Aardvark had a well deserved (I guess) beer to celebrate.

Something had to be done. Something drastic. Aardvark was starting to get on my Titanium Oxides.
I axed you guys for suggestions for what opponent (beginning with 'E') Aardvark should face. There were some great ones. Edge suggested he go up against 'Everyone so far', which was indeed brilliant.
Erika said 'Elmo'. Elmo would definitely annihilate aardvark - if only I had thought of that before having Cookie Monster so recently. Astronomy Pirate had a few - 'Eggs' would have been a match for Dalai Lama, but Aardvark would just stomp on Eggs and suck up all the gooey yolkey mess.
mac-and-me mentioned ALF in reference to the beer guzzling Aardvark pic. A few of you responded to the nostalgic reference of that odd looking ant (actually cat) eater alien thing that used to wind Willie up so very much, and I.... hatched a devious plan...

Drop by tomorrow to find out what that was, or you know - just go back there and find out for yourself right now!

Thanks again to e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e for your contributions
and for making this whole concept work!

Quick special shout-out to Aaron
for his well thought out and extremely amusing comments.
His blog, Leaving the Nest: An Expatriate's Survival Guide
is also very funny, insightful, sometimes tragic and excellently well writed.
(Possibly more special shout outs in Round up Part 2!)

Don't forget, Kermit vs. Leopard is still open for voting here. And I'm not saying I whispered a sneaky secret in the comments, but I did. I did whisper a sneaky secret in the comments.


  1. nice recap, looking forward to what's coming. :)

  2. This is fun to watch. And poor CM didn't know what hit him...

    Hoping that Q stands for Queen, the rock group. Zombie Freddie Mercury will be a major game-changer...

  3. It's even funnier when you look at the whole thing from a distance. Awesome recap XD

  4. Thanks Erika. Your blogpost today was possibly slightly more engaging than this though. O_o

    In case anyone is wondering about my uncredible MS Paint skillz, yo. Yep, I am a whizz with the mouse, but, and, yes, I know what the more observant among you are thinking.
    "Didn't they used to be photos?/Wasn't Dalai Lama less 'come at me' and more pointing with the stern face?"

    Yes, I pulled the pics in case of copyright infringement. I now source photos at (thanks to D4 for pointing me to this) to keep everything niiice and legal.

    But I had to painstakingly approximate the aardvarks by hand as there were references to their clothing etc. and because it's funny. It's just funny.

    ENOUGH BLABBER! I'm out for a walk. Toodles.

  5. somehow aardvark sounds dutch...

  6. Cookie monster ! I love that guy! Well I just like him. :X looking forward for more

  7. Cool update, I was really wanting the Aardvark to go all the way!

  8. I thought it only mattered where you got the photo from if you were using it to make money.

  9. Hey Robert. Not that I'm making a fortune, but I have ads on the site, so technically I would be using them for commercial reasons.

  10. Congratulations and thanks for the recap.

  11. If you cite where you got the picture from it's usually ok. Even if it's not, no one will do anything unless the owner is notified and complains.

  12. interesting take on the whole copyright/commercial question, and cheers for passing on the tip about creativecommons
    ...I'm so looking forward to seeing how the little green mean machine faired against the cat

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. forgot about no cussing (delete previous post)

    that's one bad to the bone aardvark lol doing whatever it takes. great job on the followers keep it up!

  15. 'badass' is fine E.A.
    I'm not even all that strict. But anything that you'd hear in the Simpsons is absolutely fine.

    'bad to the bone' is a way cooler phrase all the same. ; ]

    Trelin, cheers. Just playing it safe all the same.
    Plus the MS Paint pics are funny. No?

    Gawd I feel like a headmaster!

  16. Cookie monster should have gone further than he did.

  17. the last image there looks like alf :-P

  18. Haha I love this post! Great blog man!


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