Friday, 18 March 2011

Round 12. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-YAH!

Jango vs. Kermit has been possibly the most exciting duel so far.
The score stayed level in spite of Kermit bending the law (thanks to and introducing tag-team-mate Miss Piggy into the fray. Laser blast followed 'HI-YAH!' followed laser blast. And still the score was even.
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As predicted, things got dirty. (Even if the frog did not 'get in Jango´s suit then onto his mouth and start eating him from inside' as suggested by Venus. He did jump pretty high at times though.)
Jango tried to insure victory by grabbing Piggy's hair, at which point Kermit went for the old classic boot to the jewels and Jango folded like a lemon (yes, like a 'folding lemon'). The muppets then surged ahead at the end, stomping  relentlessly on poor old Jango 'Lemon' Fett. He threw a couple more feeble blows but eventually crumpled up in the dirt.

I get the feeling this is going to stir up some intense rage from the Star Wars fans among you. Bring it!

Gloating much there Kermit?


Do NOT mess with this cat.

Post your winner, Kermit or Leopard  in the comments.

Best of luck to both.
Our champion will face something beginning with 'M'.