Monday, 14 March 2011

Round Eight: Down to Business?

Before getting down to business at hand, let me just say a big thanks to G, who featured this blog over at his drinking games and bar tricks blog Bar Science.
Look it's me, but bigger, in the middle of the page: here.

mac-and-me who blogs excellently at mac-and-i was justifiably mentioned before me in the post.
Great mac related blog and a daily contributor to this site's comments (and therefore, content - in fact it was mac-and-me who first mentioned ALF back in the comments of this post - check through the posts to see how ALF lost out to Engineering after a couple worthy battles).

...just so y'all know...

And now, on with the show.

After a nail-biting count I can reveal that Engineering won by ONE vote over G.T.A. San Andreas.

So what now for Engineering? Man, I was really thinking hard about this and  this one 'thing begining with H' just kept coming back. I have no idea why, but, for its sheer persistence in my oddball mind it's taking the challenge.

Here goes nuttin'.

Engineering of all or any flavour.


Raw, cooked, alive, caught, floating in puke, whatever.
Yeah. Halibut.

You should know the deal by now. If you're new, welcome and:

Pick your preference, Engineering or Halibut and post your winner in comments.

'I' is next.