Monday, 21 March 2011

Round-up Part 2

Kermit vs. Leopard is still escalating to absurd proportions (Animal from the Muppets may have called Charlie '*WINNING!*' Sheen for backup) over here.

*Note: Comments are influencing fight tactics!
Voting is still open, so get in there and add to the chaos.

To mark the halfway point.('L' for Leopard) and celebrate 100+ followers (thank you all again, you guys are the lifeblood of this blog - without your comments, Abba would still be singing to an aardvark.)

Round 5:
ALF           vs.              Aardvark
(Apologies - I realise that looks pretty terrible.)
What followed was not cool. *Hangs head in shame*. I rigged the vote. *Toes the carpet ashamedly*.
I put up the boringest Aardvark in the world - wrong way round and requested everyone vote ALF. : /
Aardvark put up a surprisingly good fight and notched up a considerable amount of votes but ALF won by three in the end. I still feel terrible about this, let's never mention it again.

Check the full post & comments here.

Round 6:

Sense prevailed for once in the contest so far. Engineering won. Check the full post & comments here.

Round 'SIX':
 Engineering                          vs.                    Fruit
(Don't ask about the ridiculousness of that MS Paint masterpiece.) 
Most boring round so far. Non nerds threw rotten tomatoes at geeky engineers and  yet (I guess the nerds engineered some kind of force field) Engineering went through. Check the full post & comments here.

(Seems I messed up round numbers here - woops!
& thanks for not noticing!)   

Round 7:
Engineering                         vs.             G.T.A. San Andreas

All you had to do was follow the damn train, CJ. But the damn train was full of 'awesome' Engineering and careered off over the bridge to Las Venturas which isn't open yet(?!). Gamer nerds could not silence RL nerds this round. Engineering won. WHAT?! Check the full post & comments ovah theh, aight?.
It was going to take something XTREME TO DA MAX!!!! to knock Engineering out. Something so incalculably amazing that Engineering wouldn't stand a chance. And I found just the thing  >; ]....

Drop by tomorrow to find out what that was, or you know - just go back there and find out for yourself right now!

Thanks again to e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e for your contributions
and for making this whole concept work!

Quick special shout-out today comes with a warning.
Unlike Dalai Lama, Erika pulls no punches at BRB Going Insane.

She has a potty mouth, takes dares and comes through
- even if it involves consumption of a 'certain liquid'.
You've been warned!
(Also, don't ask her to make you a sandwich.)

Don't forget, Kermit vs. Leopard is still open for voting here. Go nuts!