Friday, 11 March 2011

Round 6: ALF vs. Engineering

I feel a bit sad for the aardvark, and pretty bad, for blatantly rigging the game to be rid of him, but he fought hard until the bitter, bitter end.
I counted fairly. Aardvark generated 2 full votes from 4 comments that weren't perfectly explicit in their choice.

- check back here if you don't believe me, go back further to see previous matches.

Aardvark lost to ALF in the final count, 11 votes to 9. Well played Aardvark and all the best in your future endeavours.

Now, back to the tournament.ALF is going to face tough competition, no bones about it.

In all his retro glory.
(Queer looking thing - that mole always made me uneasy).



Where would we be without it?
(Note: not just Civil Engineering - ALL of it).

Stiff competition indeed.

As always:
Choose your preferred candidate - ALF or Engineering and
post your choice in comments.

Winner faces an 'F-word' next post.