Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Now what?

Have a quick check through previous posts if you don't believe it, but Aardvark has beaten:

Abba, Beatles, Cookie frickin' Monster and Dalai Lama (what is the world coming to?) so far.

You might consider this a form of rigging, but if the Dalai Lama in (Surriuz Bizniz mode) can't get shot of a silly aardvark in people clothes I don't know what (beginning with 'E') can.

So... time to flip the script a little.

Next post - you tell me:

Having a beer while on downtime.


Whut??!! (Must begin with 'E')

Too long and you didn't bother to read?:
Pick something that begins with 'E' that could be a worthy opponent of  that !?*"@!* Aardvark in the next round.
Post your idea in the comments.

Best choice wins (unless I think of something better).


  1. Sorry, bit I didn't get it, my fault

  2. I thought of many things: equinox, England, eggs, eggnog, enigma (the question mark gave me that idea). But I determined that if anything should beat the Aardvark, it would be the Economy.

  3. Thanks Astronomy Pirate.
    Had Dalai Lama won he would have gone up against eggs and I think it would have been a fair fight.
    Aardvark is a wily... rascal *ahem* so it has to be something special, unexpected.

    No offense, but the economy sucks right now. No?

  4. I would go with an elk.
    Seems a worthy opponent.

  5. aardvark vs. egypt! Winraardvark totally reminded me of alf too.

  6. i'd go with global warming! by the way: love your blog man

  7. ELMO !!!!!


    +followed ^_^

  8. Everyone. Make a collaborative picture of all the contenders that were beaten before.

  9. Edge, you might be on to something there.

    Erika, you make me wish I didn't already do Cookie Monster. Elmo would definitely win.

    The Harvester, thanks!

  10. i think Aardvark has a double A name so he needs to face a double E to make it a fair fight. i nominate the emo emu. pic related

  11. E. Coli. Can the Aardvark beat an opponet he can't see without the aid of a microscope?

  12. Scumbag Steve (google him if unsure)

  13. Emphysema? Iron Maiden's Eddie!!!

  14. i agree to Eggnog or Ed wood DO IT

  15. Hmm love it! :D + Beer or Life... Thats a hard decision !

  16. Ellen Degeneres? Elmo? that's all I can think of

  17. I bet you if you did aardvark vs. chuck norris the aardvark would've lost. Chuck Norris doesn't lose online polls, online polls pick Chuck Norris out of fear...

    Anyway, how about Elephant Elevator for E? That's gotta at least be worth double bonus points!

  18. Enlightenment could take down Aardvark easily


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