Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Round the Fourth: Aardvark faces serious business.

I had a fine match beginning with 'D' for Cookie Monster, but that sly Aardvark proved more resilient than I had supposed. (Does everyone not love Cookie Monster?!)
Time for the big guns. Aardvark, you best be going down (there aren't many photos of you wearing clothes on the Interwebwork left (by the the way, I discovered in today's search that Aardvark 'wearing leg warmers' in Round 1 was shooped)).

Enough chat, let the battle begin:

Winning Aardvark (in sexy black top)



Serious business, come at me -
you goin' down anteatah.

As per usual choose one combatant - Aardvark or Dalai Lama and post in comments

Winner faces 'E' next time.