Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Round 14: METOLL vs. Noodles

Thanks to all for your suggestions. Ninjas, 'naggers', Numa Numa guy (no way!). Nickelback, Nickelodeon...

NyQuil was a popular choice. Careful now you lot - may cause drowsiness, do not mix with alcohol, do not drive or operate heavy machinery while on medication!

A (curious) anonymous visitor mentioned Noodles from (The) Offspring. I decided to run with that, but not quite so specific.

So here it is folks, Round Fourteen!

My! That is some heavy metal.


Be they instant, pot, fresh or in a rock band.

Okay y'all, get voting!

METOLL or Noodles in the comments!

All the best to both combatants,
the winner will face 'L' in the next round.