Thursday, 30 June 2011

Round 11 - SatNav ain't what it used to be.

 Round 10 was pretty close, but Jupiter trumped House by a couple of votes.

What was missing from the pic of Jupiter?
I removed the unsightly moon Ganymede from the shot.

 This round:

Big. Round.


Small and roundy? What?

So vote for Jupiter or Knight Rider in the comments.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Round 10: Planetary

Cool as Igloo was, Round 9 saw House as the winner by a single vote.

We need something BIG to beat this guy...

Very pretty


Somewhat prettier

*bonus vote to anyone who knows what's missing from the Jupiter photo.
(I'm looking at you Astronomy Pirate)

Vote House or Jupiter in the comments.

Winner faces 'K' next round.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Round 9: House vs. type of house.

House M.D. and diagnostic crack-team went through the usual unnerving twists and turns and sheer panic in diagnosing Gibson Guitars. In the end it was an incurable case of woodworm and they decided to pull the plug.

House now faces a kind of house... kind of...

Apple or orange?


Pretty cool, eh?

Cast your vote for House or Igloo in the comments.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Round 8: It's Lupus!

Gibson Guitars whupped Fenders by a whole third more votes.

Nobody even guessed at the quotes from the captions. Wayne's World and Spinal Tap respectively.
Useless, the lot of you!

This round we have:

All the way to eleven...


I'm sorry, but you have lupus.

Vote your preference, Gibson Guitars or House in the comments.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Round 7: Apples

In spite of winning two extra votes for Donkey Kong, it's a surprising result of Fender Guitars on top by the smallest of margins. 
Lost... blogs wittily at "My Own Private Idaho", check it.

...and in honour of his knowledge (Round 6 was an 'F' on Les Paul's birthday so I went for Fender. Makes sense in the odd universe that is Alphabet Wars, trust me) and a as a belated bday nod to old Les Paul, we will compare apples with apples this round.

There it is - Excalibur


It's famous for its sustain

You don't need to know anything about guitars - just...

...pick a favourite between Fender or Gibson and post in the comments.

Also, name the movies the caption quotes come from.
Bonus vote for each one..

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Donkey Kong Eats Eggs for Breakfast? Round 6

Apologies for the hiatus, staff at ABWars HQ took Round 5 a little too seriously and the tension got to everybody in the office. Sheer mayhem as eggs and barrels and bananas were flung hither and tither all week until I put a stop to the purchase orders for said products and the outcome was decided using our more reliable method of vote counting.

So, finally the results are in and yolk/banana mush substance has been cleaned off every surface and hair-do in the office.

Donkey Kong smashed those Eggs at almost 2 to 1.

On with the next round:

When advised to get 'some fresh air' it's a nice idea to leave the video game behind.


If it was 'G' I'd have picked a different guitar.

...first in with why gets 2 bonus votes counted towards their choice
and a shout-out next round.

As always, vote your preference in the comments - Donkey Kong or Fender Guitars.
Winner will face 'G' next round.