Friday, 1 April 2011

Round 17: Panda vs. Q?

As stated in the comments (by Thatoneguy and GodsSin), it was no surprise that the cuteness of Panda overwhelmed Noodles. It was a tighter margin than I imagined; 8 votes to 13.

But it wasn't all cuddly noodle munching. Kung Fu was involved and even from the bell-ring, Panda was a fiesty contender...

Noodles: "HA! Bears don't eat noodles! Your mama is a triflin' hootchie and loves to gaze upon my stringy goodness. Punk."

Panda: "Actually I am an overgrown member of the same Family that includes raccoons...which will eat pretty much anything."

Noodles: "GULP!"

Panda: "My thoughts exactly. C'mere Mr. Lo Mein, you and I have a date to keep with a wok and some fish sauce!"

Panda Wins