Monday, 4 April 2011

Rambo vs. 'S'omething - Round the Nineteenth

Aaron you really are must stop being so darm witty in the comments. I can't have your comment forming the bulk of every second post! You made me cackle aloud with the latest one so I just had to share it.

Aaron M. Gipson said...
Queen and Rambo approach each other in the field of battle. The actor and the supergroup lock eyes and Mercury clears his throat.

Rambo shoots them.

"Yo, ya know that didn't really feel right, ya know", mumbles Rambo as he turns to walk away with Colonel Trautman at his side. "I mean, what was their plan? Did they even have one? I think that guy with the mustache was going to sing at me or something"

Trautman shrugs, "The guy who writes this blog is God here, John, this is HIS world. Chances are you will eventually be killed by an ice cream cone, or a popular stuffed animal, or a concept like pre-destination. All depends on the votes..."

"I hate the internet...all that stupid reading." the victor says under his breath as he and his mentor walk into the digital sunset.

As Aaron predicted, it wasn't much of contest. Rambo got almost twice the votes Queen managed to muster. Besides, Zombie Freddie was killed off because Rambo's brains were poisoned, apparently (

And so...

He's BEHIND you!

Mmmm... sammidges.

Get voting in the comments!