Saturday, 7 May 2011

Round Up 4

It's been a roller coaster second half of cycle one.

Here are some highlights:

The biggest fight so far was in Round 12.
All the Muppets, various wild cats and OS systems, a tank and Yoda, but not Charlie Sheen, got involved and Kermit's gang beat leopard's to through to Round 13 - a METOLL extravaganza.

\m/ \m/ \m/, encapsulated by these muppets:

\mmmm, right/

Metal hammered Kermit and went on to face Noodles in Round 14. And Noodles walked it thanks to this guy:

Praise be.

Noodles hung on in there against linguistic phenomenon onomatopoeia in Round 15 and went on to face sheer cuteness in Round 16 against Panda.
 Buh! Couldn't not win.

Things got real serious next round with Q, but you'll have to wait until next Round Up post to find out what.
Or, no... wait, you can just click here and find out right now, not much of a secret to be fair.

You can check Round Ups of the first half starting here.

Comment below and let me know your overall favourites or if you're new, what you would have voted had you been around.