Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Round TEN! Internesting. Really, chat beat the Halibut.

Tenth round people.
Thanks all for sticking with it through thin and thinner and (huge welcome) to those who have recently joined in - almost one hundred already!
Have a check back through previous rounds to view the progress so far.

So if you couldn't tell from the post title Internet Relay Chat won. It held a steady accelerating lead for most of the count. Halibut began to catch up but was about five votes short in the end.
No need for medical attention or insurance this round. But I'd need a super jumbo mortgage to afford temporary medical insurance in the first place.

(Always with the blabber). On with the fight!

Vote IRC or these bullies will troutslap you.


Vote Jango or he will pew! pew!

K. Vote Jango or IRC in the comments. Go!