Are you new and confused?

Hi there,
I've been running Alphabet Wars for a while now.
Among many other creative pursuits, I've tried my hand at blogging in many forms in the past - photo blogs, creative writing, instructional and 'traditional' weblogging.

I always seemed to get to a point where the subject would be exhausted and I would lose motivation.
It all seemed so one sided.

So I took it to the other extreme and in a 'Eureka!' moment came up with the idea for the 'just for fun' Alphabet Wars - a visitor driven 'blog' in which commenters vote (and add witty battles tactics) on one random 'thing' over another, tournament style in alphabetical sequence. It's a little hard to explain, perhaps this silly youtube video will help:

The blog was almost immediately quite successful. The sense of having a full on two-way interaction with the audience keeps it vibrant and flowing. I love the interaction and sense of fun and it has introduced me to many great people who run excellent blogs themselves.

Alpha 'Alfie' Beta!/alfiebeta