Friday, 29 April 2011

And so Zippo, we meet again...

You think you're pretty smart eh? Beating all my followers and then proving yourself worthy vs. aardvark in the bonus round.

Aardvark, who as some will remember, was knocked out in its own bonus round against ALF due to an explicit appeal by 'yours truly'.

Out of curiosity: quick-fire sudden-death bonus round for beloved Zippo against the most popular of the other contenders this 'cycle':






fbf 4 life



This is a 'Bastard halibut' apparently.

If you survive each of these previous winners, Zippo, I will deem you worthy of entering Cycle Two as first contestant. I would have entered you right away, but I just want to see you fall on this last hurdle so badly. You, Zippo, (via themselves) insulted my followers and thrashed the one other competitor who would just NOT DIE! And so you must enter the ring against these, the greatest of Cycle One.

So everyone - weigh up your loyalty to Zippo.

Can Zippo beat Engineering, Kermit and halibut in succession?
Let me know in the comments.