Friday, 8 April 2011

Techno, techno, techno!

Some great comments in the Technology vs. Sandwiches battle, thanks to all.

 Is this picture actually even related?

Voit actually posted his comment from a tomato sandwich which was particularly impressive. made the observation that sammidge juice can short a circuit board, Aaron M. Gipson confirmed this from a personal experience with marinara sauce.

However, sensible sandwich fans were outnumbered by the tech nerds and as Captain! correctly (if randomly) noted: "Without technology we wouldn't know to use toothpicks to hold a stacked sammich together."
A very astute observation Captain!
So now I put it to you wonderful people...

What, beginning with 'U', will make a worthy opponent to Technology?

Post your suggestion in the comments and the best will most likely be selected for the next round.