Sunday, 17 April 2011

Unicorn stays single to face X in Round 24

Amid bitterness and divorce, soul drainage and stolen weekends, Weddings did not fare well against Unicorn.

Staredad cast the first of a mere two votes for Weddings
as he intends to propose soon. Squeeee!
LOL at the cartoons he hosts over at

"Was it really much of a contest", you ask? And I must respond, no indeed, I have clearly somewhat rigged the contest for Unicorn by choosing weak opponents these past few rounds, simply so we may all enjoy the best of  Charlie the Unicorn for a few days.

But now comes the time for Unicorn (since the first battle with Technology, here) to face some worthy competition. 

Round 24 is upon us!

Woob w000b!


"But that's not the real"-Shshsh! no one will realise.

Vote your preference, Unicorn or X-men in comments.
Include blow by blow battle descriptions if you are feeling witty and creative
- they may feature in the next post.