Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Round Twenty - a Tough one.

Any clue as to who won in the Rambo vs. Sambos round?

Yep, landslide victory for Sammidges
In spite of the fact that Rambo eats sandwiches for breakfast (Banacek), A number of factors contributed to Sandwiches' win.

Firstly, their sheer variety (Generally Disgruntled), also their deliciousness (elexerdelex & G), and a lot of you were hungry hungry bloggers, which influenced many a vote.

The ultimate blow however: "Sammich picks up day old baguette, and beats Rambo to death with it." - Robert Fünf.

So my friends, that is that, and thusly, we ponder the next impossible round of Alphabet Wars...

(and a bed of salad, how fancy).



Tough one, no?

Vote your preference, Sandwiches or Technology in the comments.

Winner will face something beginning with 'U'.