Sunday, 12 June 2011

Round 7: Apples

In spite of winning two extra votes for Donkey Kong, it's a surprising result of Fender Guitars on top by the smallest of margins. 
Lost... blogs wittily at "My Own Private Idaho", check it.

...and in honour of his knowledge (Round 6 was an 'F' on Les Paul's birthday so I went for Fender. Makes sense in the odd universe that is Alphabet Wars, trust me) and a as a belated bday nod to old Les Paul, we will compare apples with apples this round.

There it is - Excalibur


It's famous for its sustain

You don't need to know anything about guitars - just...

...pick a favourite between Fender or Gibson and post in the comments.

Also, name the movies the caption quotes come from.
Bonus vote for each one..