Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Round-up 6 - You guys fail yourselves.

Contrary to ed's redundant 'prediction' in the last round up post, 'potatoes' was not the overall winner.
It may as well have been, since my fiendish plan for celebration and back slapping fell on its face.

The 'Y' I chose for Round 25 was:

Indeed, y'all made horse meat of the Unicorn, but (and you only needed one more round to be overall champions remember), the majority of you are either masochistic or far too humble for your own good and allowed Zippo to trump you in Round 26.

Incensed at this injustice, I pitted Zippo against the best of the rest in two bonus rounds.
It beat Aardvark in Bonus Round I and fared surprisingly well against Engineering, Kermit and halibut in Bonus Round II.

On the eve of the second cycle of Aplphabet Wars, I am still undecided about Zippo's worthiness.
It has certainly proven itself a worthy competitor, and yet resentment still festers for the cheeky lighter.

Zippo proved to be a real bright spark.