Thursday, 17 March 2011

Another bleedin' muppit. Round the Eleventh.

K one thing before we kick off this round.
See the little 'donate' button on the right? It would be great if one or two of you enjoyed what goes on here enough to whip out your visa card and use it. It's Paddy's Day today (Happy St. Patrick's all) and I could do with a creamy Guinness in a few hours. Thanks.

IRC vs. Jango was a tough battle to say the least. It was blow for blow for the first half before Jango pulled out the lasers and pew-pewed the proxies off the l33t hax0rz. They tried a script or two but failed to deny service to Jango's jet pack. He flew off triumphantly in a blaze of awesome. Check it for yourself here.

So, day that's in it and in honour of all that is green, I present an ugly, ugly scrap. Things are going to get dirty.

Jango preps his lasers down the street from...


Kermit! (On Paddy's Day!)
It's not easy being green, but today, it helps.

You know what to do.

Vote Jango or Kermit in the comments.

Winner faces an 'L' thing next round.