Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Round Up 3 (Next up will be the Kermit vs. Leopard result and "vs. 'M'" - soooo exciting!)

At the end of 'Round Up 2' we were faced with a serious dilemma. Engineering was knocking opponents left and right, and was starting to bore the heck out of me for one.
We needed a worthy contestant that would prove victor over the boring annoyance Engineering was becoming. If GTA San Andreas couldn't beat Engineering, what on this Godforsaken planet could?

The answer was so obvious I felt ashamedly stupid for not having thought of it already. 
Fish. Duh!

Round 8:
Engineering           vs.               Halibut

You even have to ask? Of course Halibut won! Check the full post & comments here.

Round 9:
Huuuuge Halibut   vs.           Internet Relay Chat
I was surprised how many of you are oldskool geeks. IRC won! Check the full post & comments here.

Round 10:
Internet Relay Chat   vs.              Jango Fett
Time for the big guns. pewpew - Jango. Check the full post & comments here.

Round 11:

Round eleven was a bit of a St. Patrick's Day (parade) special. The drunken scrap took place out in public and it got pretty filthy. Even Kermit's missus got involved. Hiiiii-yah!

Jengo                          vs.                        Kermit
The Muppet couple fought too dirty for Mr. Fett - he may even have cried a bit.
Check the full post & comments here.

Round 12:

...which brings us up to date! Huzzah!
Things are getting way out of hand over at Kermit vs. Leopard.

Kermit (and Piggy)            vs.                     Leopard     

I can't confirm any details but I hear both sides are drafting in all kinds of weird and nasty help. Inside sources have indicated that the entire Muppet brigade are in on this one and that attempts have been made by both sides to recruit Charlie '*WINNING*' Sheen.
Steve Jobs may or may not be involved but there has certainly been mention of more leopards, Tiger, Snow Leopard and newcomer to the fray, Lion.
Yikes! The energy is palpable. It's all claws and ripped felt (and singing?) all over the place!

The Kermit vs. Leopard massacre continues (for a limited time!) over here.

*Note: Comments are influencing fight tactics!
Voting is open for another while yet, so get in there and contribute to the carnage.

Thanks yet again to E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E ! for your contributions
and for making this whole concept work!

Final round up special shout-out to alco-chums Chris and G.
Chris sips whisky in moderation with class at Simply Scotches,
while G props up the bar and wows regulars with nifty bar tricks at Bar Science.
Tip: Do not get involved in a drinking game with G - he is a pro!

While on the subject, let's have a toast to the second half of the contest. *clink*

Post predictions for the winner in your comments. If you're right maybe you will get a prize! (remember it will most likely begin with a letter further on than 'L' - unless Kermit or Leopard walk it).

Peace and good times to all!