Monday, 14 March 2011

Round Eight: Down to Business?

Before getting down to business at hand, let me just say a big thanks to G, who featured this blog over at his drinking games and bar tricks blog Bar Science.
Look it's me, but bigger, in the middle of the page: here.

mac-and-me who blogs excellently at mac-and-i was justifiably mentioned before me in the post.
Great mac related blog and a daily contributor to this site's comments (and therefore, content - in fact it was mac-and-me who first mentioned ALF back in the comments of this post - check through the posts to see how ALF lost out to Engineering after a couple worthy battles).

...just so y'all know...

And now, on with the show.

After a nail-biting count I can reveal that Engineering won by ONE vote over G.T.A. San Andreas.

So what now for Engineering? Man, I was really thinking hard about this and  this one 'thing begining with H' just kept coming back. I have no idea why, but, for its sheer persistence in my oddball mind it's taking the challenge.

Here goes nuttin'.

Engineering of all or any flavour.


Raw, cooked, alive, caught, floating in puke, whatever.
Yeah. Halibut.

You should know the deal by now. If you're new, welcome and:

Pick your preference, Engineering or Halibut and post your winner in comments.

'I' is next.


  1. First, congratulations for your blog.
    Second, my vote this time is for Halibut.

  2. Congrats on the feature!

    I'm definitely going with Halibut.

  3. Awesome man love the post! :D

  4. Engineering! Hooray for science! Hooray for BARSCIENCE!

  5. when it comes down to it, i'm an ass man
    goin for the haliBUT
    hali has a delicious but

  6. congrats :D well halibut looks yummy

  7. thanks for linking me :)
    will soon do something similar

  8. Engineering come on a fish aint got nothing on Engineering

  9. again, Psh I say, Engineering all the way!

  10. Come on! Engineering all the way!

  11. i prefer my halibut cooked... but ooooh boy do I love halibut!

    I would have to say Engineering is more important though lol!

  12. Seriously, you guys, I'm honoured and privileged you drop by and bother to vote and I love you all, but damnit, I'm going to have to find followers who aren't 'down' with how important engineering is.
    Having said that - I'm surprised how many are going for halibut (Aaron made me laugh as always).

  13. New follower from G's link with your wish! I totally go for the Halibut :D

  14. Excuse me sir, but how can a chunk of halibut expect to topple the great feat that is of engineering? Prospertous.

  15. I vote Halibut, because I believe this plucky fish can go ALL THE WAY!

    Walruses don't stand a chance.

    Pumpernickel will be pounded.

    Yanni will yelp.


  16.'s just so damn good to eat

  17. Congrats on the feature.

    I'm gonna go with fish on this one. Engineers gotta eat, so will they have to succumb to the powers of Halibut


    I HATE YOU!!!!!

    I love Engineering and I was hoping to help it win all the way to Z, but Halibut is just way too good.

    I say Halibut. Seafood, my only weakness!

  19. Maybe if you had put sea bass but nah son engineering wins

  20. halibut is pretty damn tasty lol

    we gotta eat right? engineering doesn't feed me

  21. Halibut.

    The Omega 3 attack can even kill a cancer cell before it knows what hit it.

    That and it smells like Jessica Alba's hoo hoo...

  22. Please let halibut win this!
    What a shapely fish!

  23. Wow, that was exciting. My heart is pounding after that exhilarating race to the finish.
    Oh wait, that's just palpitations from my coffee this morning.

    Voting is now closed. Result will be posted soon, stay tuned.

  24. Ah I'm late =[

    I would have voted for halibut.


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