Thursday, 31 March 2011

Round 16. Oodles more noodles.

Last round was teeming with your onomatopoeic references. All in the comments here.

Noodles were slurped, they swished and splat to and fro. There were booms and crashes, bams and pows.

At some point various noodle types were called upon by Flying Spaghetti Monster.
With their powers combined they become: Ninja Noodle! Ninja Noodle hacks, and slashes, and backstabs the life right out of O.
- Zippy
That seems to have done the trick because Onomatopoeia (I still can't spell it from memory) lost by 3 votes at the end.

Now, you guys are making me a bit sick of noodles, so we need a more than worthy competitor.
I believe we have just the thing.

These are some quite 'sober' noodles.


Aww! Too cute!

As always, vote Noodles or Panda in the comments.