Wednesday, 30 March 2011

NOOOOOODLES! Round Fifteen.

Metal has gone the way of the dodo in our little competition. I hope it took out medical insurance because noodles pretty much walked that round with votes at at about two to one.

It went down exactly like this: said...
Kermit, watching the battle from the Emergency room, gets a scowl on his face.

"Fmeh, I could have taken Noodles..."

However, the metal doesn't know what to do with them. Noodles can't be beaten, noodles can't be shredded. They're just too noodly.

Plus there is a secret the noodles carry.

A dark, dark secret.

Just as metallica decides the best way to destroy the noodles is to EAT them, the noodles begin to clump together and swarm... The mass of noodles begins to writhe and rise from the ground. Are the noodles floating? That's impossible!


YES! The noodles aren't just noodles!

IT'S THE FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER!!! Mad that he missed the F's, he snuck into the fight as noodles!

Poor metallica doesn't stand a chance against this pastafarian deity...

[x] Teh Noods

Thanks very much for that Lost.In.Idaho - always really imaginative and amusing suggestions for fight tactics from your corner.

And so, on with the next round. (I really like this one).

nom nom noodles


Onomatopoeia (which is also quite a mouthful.)


Get voting in the comments.

Thank you to all for returning and participating!


  1. Easy, Onomatopoeia just "slurped" them noodles down his throat.

    That's an onomatopoeia right?

  2. Onomatopoeia, not a chance, give me cheap ass noodles again, who the hell chose Onomatopoeia, frightening.

  3. As awesome as onomatopoeia is (had to scroll up to see if I spelt it right and probably still got it wrong), NOODLES will always be the winrar.

  4. Jay, 'slurp' is onomatopoeic, good work. (I feel like Teacher saying that).

    Angry Lurker, was it really a bad choice? I just love the word. I could say it twice a minute all day.

    Can I vote for it? It's not really fair, but...

    [x] Onomatopoeia! ; P

  5. Omnio.... orno....oso....yoko ono?

    Sorry, if you're not in my regular vocabulary, I won't vote for you.

    I'm in Idaho, after all. When in Rome... I'm limited to three syllables per word or less.


  6. Onomatopoeia is a mouthful lol and it scares the noodle monster into retreat

  7. Onomatopoeia falls with ease to the might of deliciously seasoned noodly appendages and a price that's a great value for you and your family!

  8. The Onomatopoeia tries it's best but the noodles swish and splat past it and go for a chokehold.

  9. onomoneptotiaorwhatever def. wins. this looks amazing and is one of the reasons why i love vegas so much

  10. Flying spaghetti monster is at first startled by onomatopoeia's *Booms* and *Crashes*. It looks like O (I'm not typing that out again) is getting the upper hand. Crash, bang, slap. Flying spaghetti monster is reeling back. Just when it looks like FSM is about to slurp the big one it pulls out it's trump card: Asian noodles! Ramen, Soba, Udon: With their powers combined they become: Ninja Noodle! Ninja Noodle hacks, and slashes, and backstabs the life right out of O. To finish it off, Ninja Noodle goes for a "Monkey steals the peach" move and rips the balls off of O.

    Winner: Noodles

  11. I see this fight going down like the old Batman TV show. Onomatopoeia is kicking noodle's ass with BAM!s and POW!s appearing everywhere.

  12. Still going with noodles, I can't eat a literary device

  13. Love me some noodles. Good post :D.

  14. Onomatopoeia simply because I can't even pronounce it correctly

  15. Onomatopoeia for revenge on noodles for taking out my metal.

  16. Man, that picture at the top made me go into serious ROFL mode! haha

  17. Noodles got this. I mean I don't even know what onoma-whatchamacallit is. So I'm going for noodles on this one.

  18. Just for Astronomy Pirate's use of Slurp... I go for Onomatopoeia!

  19. Onomatopoeia it's too fun to say to not vote for it.

  20. Have you seen the cyanide and happiness video on noodles? I vote for the love creating noodles. Screw big words!

  21. Voting closed. Pretty close!


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