Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Overall Victor anti-climax... and bonus Round I

Well, the last round stayed open for days in the hope that you people would come through for yourselves, but no, votes for Zippo and traumatic Zippo related anecdeotes just kept pouring in.

'You guys' allowed Zippo to slaughter you 2 to 1.

I have to voice my disappointment. This post would have been a celebratory fun-time party post with many features of y'all and slaps on the back all round. But nope...

It's just going to be a picture of a:

You elected Zippo as overall winner of the first 'cycle' of Alphabet Wars.
Nice one.
Well, perhaps one bonus round. Let's bring back:

Come on aardvark - you show that lighter how it's done.

Vote Zippo or Aardvark for old time's sake in the comments!