Monday, 11 April 2011

Round 21: Technology vs. Unicron

As tempting as it was to spend hours in MS Paint rendering a dodgy 'Urkel in his Underpants riding a Unicorn around Uranus' (thanks Jay) I think we should just keep it simple and stick with Unicorn for 'U', as suggested by Lost.In.Idaho, seconded by Erika and generally a popular suggestion all round.

Incidentally, top blogger Erika recently took up
and delivered on my 'bunny hop in public' challenge
over at BRB - Going Insane....
you can watch the brilliant video along with her
other accepted challenge from last week on her
most recent blogpost post
or directly on youtube here.
Wonderful stuff. Thanks Erika, you're a star and a total legend!

...And so it goes, today's battle commenceth!

Check the freakin' tech!


 Specifically Charlie.
(Only the wonders of the Interwebs would spawn such a bizarrely hysterical phenomenon.)

As always, vote Technology or Unicorn in the comments and the winner will face a 'V' thing.