Tuesday, 15 March 2011

But, but, HALIBUT? Round Nine: vs. 'I'

I should have taken out temporary medical insurance before totting the result for the last round.

My heart raced and fluttered as Halibut began to catch up from four votes behind. Mid-way point was neck-and-neck. Engineering crept past Halibut. Halibut took another slight lead for a moment but out of nowhere got its second wind and raced off insuring itself a fine lead as Engineering wheezed in the dust, requiring medical attention.
Phew! Halibut won. I need a doctor! My heart is palpitating.

Or maybe my coffee will wear off and I'll be fine in an hour.

Never mind, next round. Let's do this.

(shapely indeed, and preposterous*, but nonetheless a winner).
What terrible image quality - but I like it.


Dear oh dear.
Does anyone use IRC anymore? I used to spend hours on DALnet back in the day.

*from comments by Raw and Chris, here.
(Do check back through posts to view the competition so far,
but moreso to read some of the excellent witty comments.
You guys are hilarious.)

Comment your preference between Halibut and Internet Relay Chat below.

Winner faces 'something beginning with "J"' in the next round.