Monday, 30 January 2012

The end and time for sleeeeeep... or Minecraft

...almost 3 months of furious counting later and the votes are finally in for the last round of AlphabetWars.

'Zzzzz' (aka sleep) won by 9 votes to 4.


I do apologise for the total lack of activity in the past couple of months. A combination of other commitments, projects and to be brutally honest, apathy, left old ABWars like the quirky but quiet kid, fairly ignored in the corner.

The .com domain is due for renewal soon and even though it was a good run and some fun was had, ultimately this format did not work quite as I had intended, commercially, so it is not my intention to continue with it. (If you'd like to purchase the domain/the site itself at a very reasonable price just get in touch).

For those of you who are interested in...: of the projects is a Minecraft blog here:
Please follow and comment and all the good stuff over there.
Unlike ABWars, it is a 'proper' blog, featuring anecdotes, observation, opinion, thoughts, news and showcasing... eh... and more!

Finally, thanks for your participation in AlphabetWars and apologies for dropping the ball for so long.
We did have a bit of fun, which is one intention that can be squarely ticked at least.

; ]