Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Round 25: Unicorn vs. U! - no wait, 'Y', no, *you*!

Round 24 was the tightest battle yet.
Just about every second vote was for Unicorn, every other for X-men, until the last few comments.
Unicron took a slight lead lead and X-men almost caught up but stumbled at the last hurdle (they did well in the race considering they were up against a horse with wings). 

Photo finish and X-men lost out by one vote.

For those who are saying 'Unicorn 'til the end!', you may reconsider in this round. ; ]

I want this van in spite of the implications.
Thanks to Robert Fünf for finding the pic
and posting it in the comments last round.


I <3 U ALL!

Seriously, you all ROCK MY WORLD. Thank you to all (almost 150) followers and all the commenters.
I'll say it again, you lot drive this blog idea and without you it would be me crying into my cereal, peering at Aardvark vs. Abba, blurred, through tears of isolation.

Thank you all for your input over the past 24 rounds and the few extra posts. 
I look forward to many more Alphabet Wars with you all in the future! xx
- Alpha Beta

So need you even consider? 

Give yourselves a huge pat on the back and vote for yourselves in the comments!