Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Now what?

Have a quick check through previous posts if you don't believe it, but Aardvark has beaten:

Abba, Beatles, Cookie frickin' Monster and Dalai Lama (what is the world coming to?) so far.

You might consider this a form of rigging, but if the Dalai Lama in (Surriuz Bizniz mode) can't get shot of a silly aardvark in people clothes I don't know what (beginning with 'E') can.

So... time to flip the script a little.

Next post - you tell me:

Having a beer while on downtime.


Whut??!! (Must begin with 'E')

Too long and you didn't bother to read?:
Pick something that begins with 'E' that could be a worthy opponent of  that !?*"@!* Aardvark in the next round.
Post your idea in the comments.

Best choice wins (unless I think of something better).