Thursday, 9 June 2011

Donkey Kong Eats Eggs for Breakfast? Round 6

Apologies for the hiatus, staff at ABWars HQ took Round 5 a little too seriously and the tension got to everybody in the office. Sheer mayhem as eggs and barrels and bananas were flung hither and tither all week until I put a stop to the purchase orders for said products and the outcome was decided using our more reliable method of vote counting.

So, finally the results are in and yolk/banana mush substance has been cleaned off every surface and hair-do in the office.

Donkey Kong smashed those Eggs at almost 2 to 1.

On with the next round:

When advised to get 'some fresh air' it's a nice idea to leave the video game behind.


If it was 'G' I'd have picked a different guitar.

...first in with why gets 2 bonus votes counted towards their choice
and a shout-out next round.

As always, vote your preference in the comments - Donkey Kong or Fender Guitars.
Winner will face 'G' next round.