Thursday, 10 March 2011

New A vs. A - Round Five

Straying from the formula is the only way to put this Aardvark out of MY misery.
Apples vs. apples today.
A vs. A.
Aardvark vs. (because people mentioned him so much yesterday, thanks to mac-and-me)...



...wait for it:

Come on people, I 'm showing total unobjective bias here, get behind Alf and send him through - look at him, how could you refuse that face?.


Really boring Aardvark (with information, wrong way around).
(Yes, it's on its side originally).

Let's do this!

Check back through the previous rounds to see how wily that Aardvark has been. Round 1 here.

Vote ALF in the comments. Just do it. Send the Aardvark through and I will RAGE hard (that is not meant to encourage you to vote 'aardvark' - I know what you lot are like ; P )
If you don't know who ALF is, do yourself a favour, click here and buy a boxset.