Friday, 4 March 2011

abba vs. aardark

I was having my coffee this morning
and in a moment of caffeine induced mania decided to give this blogging lark another go.

Armed with a new manifesto, I bring you... alphabet wars.

And it goes thusly:
Each post will offer an apple and an orange. Comments will decide which goes through to the next round where said 'apple' or 'orange' will face another 'fruit' of the subsequent letter of the alphabet.

Confused? Don't be it will become apparent after a couple of posts.

Just pick your favourite and post it in the comments.

It will often be frivilous enough but sometimes will be serious business (akin to a game of 'would you rather').

To kick us off:

The mighty Abba...

(with leg warmers on - to even the odds).

Pick your winner in the comments and good luck to both contestants.


  1. Glad to see you back.

  2. I definitely have to go with the aardvark.

  3. abba when singing money money money

  4. Abba. Because its definitely going to win, next time use the Abba live Eurovision performance of waterloo for it's video.

  5. Aardvark yo! followed!

  6. I'm liking the concept of your blog. Aardvark wins this competition hands down due to the fact that its name has two a's together. What other word has that?

  7. Seen as its two votes each (this is a hard decision) I will have to vote for undecided.

  8. abba all the way. and yes, iam straight :)

  9. I'm definitely choosing the aardvark.

    And check out my new post!

  10. Wow. It's a tie.
    My vote decides.
    Goddamn Aardvark all the way.

  11. Plus, on a technicality Abba lose since Haluk said 'when singing money money money' which they are not doing in the posted video.


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