Sunday, 6 March 2011

Round 2: aardark vs. Beatles

First round was a tie so I cast the deciding vote and put the aardvark through.
Mainly because I wanted to pit it against the cheeky Liverpudlians, especially this worthy St. Sanders video.
Do check St. Sanders' trademark hilarity  in it.

Aardvark (in denim)

The Beatles (St. Sanders 'shred' video)
(Permission to use this video is pending).

Post your favourite in the comments, most chosen will face 'something beginning with "C"' next post.


  1. cant believe how aardark won. this time it has no chance. beatles gonna win

  2. Haha haluk, check my comment in the abba vs. aardvark post - obviously it was my call, but you cost them the win based on a minor technicality.

    ; P

  3. Aardvarks are kinda creepy, but he IS wearing people vote would be for the aardvark

  4. Aardvark for sure, he looks smooth in that jacket.

  5. Aardvark, since I'm sure at least one of them has eaten a beatle in the past.


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