Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Round 22 Techno-bus!

Last round, Technology vs. Unicorn was an enthralling competition.
Technology jumped ahead intially and it looked like might have foresoon Unicron's demise...
Charlie tries to spear tech with his unicorn horn, but he misses the serial port and instead hits the power cord. While tech gets a little seared, Charlie the Unicorn fries. Now, if he had 2 kidneys, he would have survived... but NOOOOOO... he HAD to go to Candy Mountain.... - 
The battle raged on almost vote for vote - technology consistently in the lead, during which time we had these hilarious comments: 
Unicorn: "You cannot defendeth, you cannot attacketh, only a virgin may come near me or touch me. So peeith off!" Technology: "Oh you mean 7/8 of all the people on the internet at any given time?" Technology Wins!  - Aaron M. Gipson
Unicorns are obviously going to win, they will stab technology in a fit of rainbows. -  Kingmush
"Barcode Unicorn" by Lara ´Pookie´ Geltz
However, Astronomy Pirate was proven almost correct by the end of the voting and Unicorn came out on top by six votes.
 After Charlie gets fried from his encounter with the power cord, as described by Idaho, something strange begins to happen. Technology rebuilds Charlie. Making him better, faster, stronger. Thus creating the first DRAW in this tourney, UNITECH, the cybernetic unicorn.
- Astronomy Pirate
This leaves us with the dilemma of what to pit Unicorn against. 
A ridiculous battle, but it's too amusing to resist...

Charlie Part 2!


(I can't believe I just posted this on my blog).

I am guessing that Venga Bus will be trampled into a sheet of tin, but on a site where Halibut beat Engineering anything can happen!

Vote in comments - Venga Bus or Unicorn.

...and don't forget, your witty comments
influence tactics and may feature in the next post.