Sunday, 17 April 2011

Unicorn stays single to face X in Round 24

Amid bitterness and divorce, soul drainage and stolen weekends, Weddings did not fare well against Unicorn.

Staredad cast the first of a mere two votes for Weddings
as he intends to propose soon. Squeeee!
LOL at the cartoons he hosts over at

"Was it really much of a contest", you ask? And I must respond, no indeed, I have clearly somewhat rigged the contest for Unicorn by choosing weak opponents these past few rounds, simply so we may all enjoy the best of  Charlie the Unicorn for a few days.

But now comes the time for Unicorn (since the first battle with Technology, here) to face some worthy competition. 

Round 24 is upon us!

Woob w000b!


"But that's not the real"-Shshsh! no one will realise.

Vote your preference, Unicorn or X-men in comments.
Include blow by blow battle descriptions if you are feeling witty and creative
- they may feature in the next post.


  1. I went with technology in that show-down, and I'll go with x-men this time.

  2. Oh no. I thought this was going to be a pretty even match, but you added Dubstep to Charlie's arsenal?

    And man, those aren't even the real --

    The only way the "x" men will survive is if that sorry excuse for a cyclops can take out the speakers, and remove dubstep from the competition.

  3. definitely charlie because charlie look out for the bleh bleh bleh the bleh bleh bleh is behind you!!! star fishes love him :D

  4. Unicorn is going all the way.

  5. unicorns of course! They will go on to the very end!

  6. I've never really been a fan of the x-men, so unicorn wins again!

  7. Forget the battle, I just want to stick this image in your heads:

    Hugh Jackman's Wolverine riding on a unicorn, glistening from his man sweat in the sunlight, extended claws and horn glinting. Quite possibly the most beautiful gay scene ever.

    The rest of the battle is unnecessary as Wolverine solidifies his love for unicorns.

  8. X-Men! Yes! I can get behind this!

    I'd love to do a blow by blow for this one, but I'm kinda dead.

  9. Couldn't afford the real X-men, could ya.... xP

    It's Unicorn again for me, bro.

    The mighty horn of the unicorn impales the throat of all else.

  10. Astronomy Pirate: Actually, I think I've seen that somewhere.......

    If it's the real X-Men, then there's no way they could loose. (Especially if the X-Force were called in. Deadpool would just talk the Unicorns to death.)

    If not, I think I'm gonna have to go with Charlie.

  11. hard one,
    comic x-men or movie x-men?

  12. i guess ill vote unicors, since i cant beat them... i must join them. And the whole charlie thing is awesome.

  13. To adress a few queries:
    Erika, no I can't afford the real x-men.

    I intentionally leave combatants vague most of the time , so 'X-men' - take it it's the guys in the pic, or comic x-men or film, or any darn 'x-men' you care to imagine.

    Same holds true for 'Unicorn' - it's not necessarily Charlie and we've exhausted the best Charlie vids so it will not be Charlie again tomorrow if Unicron does win (just saying is all).

  14. Don't any of the X-Men have unicorn powers? It would be awesome if they did.

  15. Time to make the Unicorn extinct..again

    X-men for the win

  16. can adamantium cut through unicorn horn? Can wolverine heal himself after being gored in the ass by a unicorn horn? Those questions and more are... irrelevant.

    If you check the iOS app store I bet robot unicorn attack is much more popular than any x-men app, if one even exists. Unicorns win!

  17. The unicorn horn is almighty, but as we saw in the last battle, Charlie's horn is now the nose for TEH SNOWMAN!!!

    So what else does Charlie have to bring to the table? A dry wit? Deadpool can out-wit him. Can he poop rainbows? Isn't that what cyclops does, except his are lazor-rainbows-of-death?

    Sorry Charlie (ha! get it!?) but methinks your time is up. Go x-men!

  18. A gang lead by a cripple stands no match for the almighty unicorn!
    They ride on rainbows, Xavier rides on a wheelchair,
    Unicorns have the most annoying voice ever, Xavier has a soothing voice,
    Unicorns exist, mutants do not!

  19. Unicorn for a huge x-men style kebab!

  20. X-Men i mean Wolverine is Lord and Master of the Xmen i doubt a unicorn could fare well with a Berserker Barrage of Wolvie and the cast.

  21. There is no clear winner here because Charlie himself is.... an X-MAN!!! Dum dum dum!

    Together, they will fight the forces of the bleh, bleh, bleh! :D

  22. well unicorns are less gay than x-men so i choose them. unicorns!

  23. If it's just one unicorn, then I'd say X-Men.

  24. Voting closed. Tightest one yet kids. Stay tuned for the result and next round.


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