Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Round 10: Planetary

Cool as Igloo was, Round 9 saw House as the winner by a single vote.

We need something BIG to beat this guy...

Very pretty


Somewhat prettier

*bonus vote to anyone who knows what's missing from the Jupiter photo.
(I'm looking at you Astronomy Pirate)

Vote House or Jupiter in the comments.

Winner faces 'K' next round.


  1. Jupiter is the roman god of gods. House is Sherlock Holmes. I think I know who's winning this fight hahaha.

  2. Of course I'm going with Jupiter! I don't know what you mean about what's missing in the picture of Jupiter? I don't see the northern hemisphere or any moons though.

  3. Hmmmm... I think House is really entertaining... This one's a thinker, Tho I'm leaning towards Jupitor. Hmmm... draw? Bah, I am voting for Jupiter!

  4. I'm going to go to Jupiter on this one because as sharp as House's wit may be, I'm sure a couple seconds and that big red storm would be his undoing.

  5. Jupiter is a zillion times bigger than House, so it wins!

  6. I'm still on Team House.

    What good has Jupiter ever done for us?

  7. House is bigger than Jupiter. House has been in Uranus. See my lame and necessary pun? Enjoy that.
    My vote's on House if this wasn't already clear. :D

  8. Jupiter is a god. House is a tool. How is this a contest?

  9. I was looking for something more specific Astronomy Pirate, you let the side down, but I will grant you an extra half vote.

    Lost, very funny.
    Halibut remains by far the most visited search result for this site. Boggles the mind.

    D4 - wheh wheh wheh. You should do stand-up.

    Angry Lurker - no, no you do not. ; P

  10. Vote for house, the planet is missing it's moon?

    You can visit my NEW blog here.

  11. It is missing a moon, but no bonus votes for advertisers.
    (Wouldn't have made any difference anyway).


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