Thursday, 24 March 2011

Epic battle continues! Kermit (and gang) vs. Leopard.

I do apologise for the delay in getting Round Thirteen, 'x vs. 'M'. underway but there has been much deliberation at Alphabet Wars HQ as to whether to include 'votes' cast in the 'Round Up' posts. The debate rages on still, as I type these very words.
Personally I am as yet undecided but, surely, we will come to a conclusion as, also, (and more importantly) candidate 'M' is also decided.

In the meantime let's have a look at how Leopard fared against Kermit!

I'd like to specifically express major gratitude to
(who blogs very well indeed at his own  'My Own Private Idaho')
for input on the fight tactics.

As the fight began things were pretty simple. Leopard lolled (nothing to do with laughing on the Internet) in a tree as Kermit approached, followed closely by his loyal stalke..., I mean companion Miss Piggy.

Leopard was full of:
"I can totally take these clowns".

Leopard leapt stealthily on to the Muppet couple from his branch to jumpstart the fluff (Christophe).

But... from behind bushes and shrubs all over the place the entire Muppet crew appeared!

Kermit whistles, and here comes the gang. Animal jumps on the leopard's back, and the swedish chef starts preparing a stockpot to "booooil teh loo-pard" in...

The muppets represent an evil, immoral gang of felt that doesn't fight fair. As long as kermit is in the fight, it's going to take a lot to take this posse down. (
(Love the Swedish Chef reference.
Did you know in Sweden he is 'The Danish Chef'?
Børk-a-Børk Børk!

Now, Leopard was not phased by this one bit as the battle degenerated into "a huge ball of ripped fabric and felt". Even Big Bird loped into "the mix with those freaky legs of his" (Aaron). 

Claws ripped through felt, like butter (Robert Fünf). Kermit was Leopard-clawed so badly Miss Piggy could barely recognise him and Leopard himself licked his lips hungrily, eyeing up the battered toad. (Chris).

Did the Muppets lose heart? Never! What course of action did they resort to? Well, the one Muppets are best at. They attempted a sing-off on the Leopard! (Elliot MacLeod-Michael).
Leopard was phased for a moment by the caterwauling and especially Animal drumming on the poor kitty's head.
 Boom-ba-BAP-ba-BOOM BAM BAP!

Fluff flew as Leopard retaliated but all of a sudden human hands appeared from under the Muppets! Yep, Muppet puppeteers thrust their hands from inside the felt and threw aside their hand-wavy sticks and began pummeling the leopard (

At this point Leopard retreated - back up the tree as Muppets and their operators alike bayed for blood below.

If you think things are getting pretty hectic, just wait for what comes next!


Oh noes!

Yes kids, we leave it there on that suspenseful cliffhanger for now (as all at Alphabet Wars HQ have a similar scrap trying debate how to count the votes).

Perhaps you can help decide.

Keep voting Leopard vs. Kermit and contribute to fight tactics in the comments.

; ]


  1. Awesome pictures man! Keep up the great blogging!

  2. dum, dum, DDUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM!!!

    what happens next?

  3. Haha Jay, you're going to have to wait and see!

  4. Leopard uses 'call of the jungle' to summon more leopards, maybe Panthers and Jaguars too.

  5. :) I'm excited for the next postings=)

  6. Are you pulling my plums, can people vote more than once?

  7. But at least the leopard could not hear what Kermit was singing, so it had no effect!
    I vote for the leopard!

  8. this is like robot chicken muppets lol

  9. Whoa, major props to me on this post... Thanks for the shout out.

    At this point, it's anyone's game. But can I make a request for the leopard? Those two old muppet-guys in the balcony? Yeah, they're not fighting, they're just making fun of everyone and being general jerks. Feel free to stop what you're doing and TAKE THEM OUT.

    You may gain some muppet allies from doing this.... just saying. It'd be a real shocker if Kermit & the Muppet crew joined forces with the leopard to form an "Anti-M alliance..." especially after all this bloodshed.

  10. Angry Lurker. I won't deny it.
    But if you dug around the comments - possibly in the initial Kermit vs. Leopard post you may find your answer a little more explicitly. ; ]

  11. Lost, not sure I get you on the whole Statler and Waldorf thing, but an alliance is a very interesting prospect. I will bear it in mind.

  12. Statler and Waldorf = "two old muppet-guys in the balcony".

  13. So. Amused. Smiled throughout this, hurry up! Just count all the votes all together, the more the merrier right? GO KERMIT AND MUPPETS AND THINGS! GO!

  14. Thanks D4. I love how you're getting impatient!
    The votes are being counted and recounted (and added to - *hint*hint* Angry Lurker) as we speak.

    I will just let you know straight up - things stand as they did this morning. It's tied. *Unless* votes counted in the 'Round up' posts are added.

    And that's all I'll say on the matter!

  15. NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Leopard is doomed against the power of MAN the evilest devilest hunter and predator of all, Leopard needs some back up

  16. Yoda was a product of the Henson much of a stretch would it be for him to jump in too? You remember that old saying by Che Guevara right?

    "if it's voiced by Frank Oz, it's part of the cause..."

  17. I love the muppets but im gonna have to be serious and say leopard would win.

  18. got to love a cliff hanger...accompanied by an epically long drum solo by animal.....

    Miss Piggy wants a fur coat...Kermit has to win!

  19. Haha, I couldn't remember S&W's names, and it was too early in the morning for google.

    They've been up in a tree, commenting away, jabbing at both sides.

    What's that old saying? An enemy of my enemy is my friend? I think an alliance might be interesting.

  20. If I can vote again, I'm voting for Kermit again!

  21. Kermit all the way man!

  22. very funny post.
    "Alphabet Wars HQ" LOL

  23. Kermit and the gang will win because they don't feel pain. Plus, the leopard might choke on their stuffing.

  24. I say it's time for these muppets to go down. They cheat too much. Perhaps it's time the leopard got some help from the rest of the big cat family? (And for extra comedic effect, the hands can snap the tune from West Side Story.)

  25. lol, can't wait to see the next act

  26. I vote Leopard, spots are the best

  27. Voting closed kids! *OMG*, this is incredibly close.


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