Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Round 18: What a planker

Haha! QWERTY proved very worthy against Ninja in Round 17.
This makes me very happy. Apparently unstoppable contestants do get on my goat after a few rounds.

On with the next battle:
(*edit: perhaps it's because I have been considering going
reverse alphabetical for the next cycle or because
I haven't woken up properly or was just too excited about
Ninja being knocked out, but I chose a
'p' word instead of what should have been
the 'r' round and we've gone backwards for this one.

Woops, never mind.)

peck peck... 15 wpm


That guy sure can plank!

Get voting in the comments section: QWERTY or Planking


  1. Planking. It'll plank QWERTY right out of a very tall building. Cough.

  2. Yeah...not really into the whole planking thing and I hate the plank exercise when I do my Wii Fit, so Qwerty (and I like QWERTY too because it isn't a QU word!)

  3. QWERTY for life, mofo. QWERT-SIIIIDE!

  4. Could never be her mild companion. Following!

  5. omg grr i cant decide!!! so hard this time mmm

  6. qwerty...

    ...because planking is sooooo 3 months ago....

  7. Planking. Why?

    A planker can crush a keyboard. Qwerty gets smooshed, and the plankers, well, er, plank into the next round.

  8. QWERTY. I think planking is stupid. :P

  9. Planking is dumb. Too dumb to beat QWERTY.

    QWERTY better win or else I'll be very upset =c

  10. Planking is terrible! Qwerty for the win.

  11. QWERTY, even if that is a well-thought plank haha.

  12. Lol, that's a hardcore plank. What would a hardcore QWERTY be like?


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