Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Round 13 - Time to mallow out a bit.

It was close until the end for Round 12, before Luigi soared into the lead and won over Knight Rider.

At this point I need to address a complaint received during said round from T. Roger Thomas.

Dear Sir,

It has come to my attention that the image above is of Kit, the talking car, not Michael Knight the actual "Knight Rider" played so brilliantly by actor David Hasselhoff.

Would a photo of a piece of equipment on the Caped Crusader's utility belt be an adequate representation of Batman? Certainly not.


Comic Book Guy 

We wholeheartedly apologise for this oversight, please accept this picture of Hasselhoff as a good will gesture.
As requested by T. Roger Thomas.

With that unpleasant business out of the way, let's proceed with Round 13.




Vote up your favourite between Luigi and Marshmallows in the comments.


  1. Thank you for your respectful handling of my silly suggestion.

    *Scrolls down*

    Oh really! Bikini briefs? No one wants that.

    *Scrolls down*

    "As requested by T. Roger Thomas" - Awww, no! No! I didn't ask for this. My good name has been sullied on the internet of all places!

    Anyway, I vote for Luigi.

  2. Have to go with Luigi again.

  3. Hehehehe Hasslehoff. I'll go rub my eyes on a cheese grater now!

    Also, marshmallows suck. Luigi takes this round. OMNOM LUIGI. OMNOM.

  4. I can't get that picture of Hasslehoff out of my mind now, some warning in future my friend........Luigi.

  5. mashwawwos! :D

    om nom nom. :D

  6. Hmmmm... only because I have badly wanted a marshmallow recently, I gotta go with marshmallow.

  7. You can't make smores with Luigi. GO MARSHMALLOWS!

  8. Luigi will just eat those pesky marshmallows

  9. Luigi for sure!

    This blog idea is hella awesome, you're a genius sir. Followed.

  10. Weegue for the win.

    But Mallow did get the nod over him in Mario RPG. Meh, I'm a Geno guy anyway

  11. I think it would depend on how many marshmallows. I can only eat like 3 or 4 then I feel awful. I guess he doesn't have to eat them though.
    He could melt all of them if he has that fireball thing going on. Or the raccoon tail he could bat them away.

    There was that marshmallowy character named Mallow from Mario RPG, does he count. He was a pretty rough customer.

    Ehh I'll go with Luigi.

  12. Marshmallows!! Hit me back,


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