Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Round-up 5

So we left off last round-up with panda heading into 'Round Q', which as many will recall was the much quoted Queen.

The weird looking panda thingy could not beat the sheer awesomeness of the Queen trading card.


Somehow Queen lost out to Rambo in Round 18, who went on to face sandwiches (Round 19), and no prize for guessing what won that round, but the deliciousness did not succeed against Technology in Round 20.

All I can say is you geeks have your priorities all wrong. Sheesh!

Thanks to your suggestions, technology took on unicorn in Round 21.

Techno Unicorn - even awesomer!

This was a perfect chance to showcase the hilarious Charlie the Unicorn videos for a few days of giggles.
Needless to say I chose rather lame combatants in order to achieve that aim.
Unicorn proceeded to womp: The Venga Bus - Round 22; Weddings - Round 23, and in Round 24, this weird looking bunch:

Somewhat less awesome

But at this point it didn't matter a dot because I had long ago come up with a fool proof incredible grand finale of celebratory party rounds (I even got fireworks and everything) starting with 'Y'. 
Nothing in the Universe could mess with it (except, indeed, the Universe, which is why I didn't pick it for 'U').

All will be revealed next post - and if YOU know the outcome don't spoil it in the comments. Just Zippit!


  1. the outcome is potatoes

  2. Halibut made a comeback and raped the competition, right?


    Oh halibut, how I miss thee.

  3. ok I´ll zippit. waiting for the next post.

  4. yeah XMEN i vote for Charles Xavier to rule all like a balder Hypno Frog

  5. Yeah. I really just wish Queen had defeated Rambo, this would all be different.

  6. We couldn't handle the awesomeness of a techno-unicorn.

  7. those cosplayers sure are a creepy bunch!

  8. Am I gay? Cuz i love the unicorn...

  9. I still have Dubstep Charlie stuck in my head...


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